Beth McClellan

I am self-taught in the art of Papercutting. My beginning was working with classic designs such as the papercuts made in the early 1900’s of Victorian children and animals. This also included art deco themes from the 1920’s. I have since expanded my genre to include wildlife and botanical themes. Working from photographs, sketches, and observing nature.A traditional papercut is created by making the design from one sheet of paper. Simple tools are used, small scissors or a fine bladed knife. Most traditional papercuts are two-dimensional black silhouettes.I have been a member of the Guild of American Papercutters since 1997.The medium of Polymer Clay is challenging both technically and artistically. Polymer is a very durable, non-toxic, art-grade product manufactured in liquid and solid forms. It is available in a rainbow of colors. The completed creation is cured in an oven at a low temperature to finalize the process. I have been a member of the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild since 2009.

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